In addition to the holidays listed in the Parent Handbook, I am allowed 5 paid vacation days per calendar year. I will provide at least two weeks notice, and in most cases up to 30 days, prior to my time off and daycare closure. Your weekly rate will be charged at 50% of your regular weekly rate for those days.  Weekly payments must be received before my first vacation day or be subject to the $10 late fee. Any days I take beyond

the five paid days will not be charged.

If you take a vacation and provide me with at least two weeks notice

prior to the absence AND submit your payment in advance, your

weekly rate will also be only 50% of your contracted rate for the time

away. This payment will hold your child's space in your absence. If

proper notice is not provided and/or payment is not received before the day(s) absent, full payment will be due for your time away and a late payment fee will apply.