Children are provided two healthy snacks and one lunch meal per day (full-day children only). I do my best to prepare meals as nutritious and organic as possible, but I also want the children to eat. Therefore I usually stay away from exotic foods (tofu, sprouts, kiwi, etc.) and try to stick to more traditional toddler foods (chicken nuggets, pasta, carrots, apples, etc.)

that are organic, no/low sugar, 100% whole grain, and free of artificial

sweeteners, colors, or flavors. I also provide 100% apple juice,

skim and low-fat milk, and filtered water for the children to drink. 

I do not provide a breakfast meal, although the first snack

is breakfast type foods, so please feed your child before you

arrive. Also, due to time constraints and limited staffing, I can

not prepare separate meals for individual children.  If your child requires

a special diet (i.e. gluten free, vegetarian, non-wheat, -dairy, -egg, etc.) please provide prepared meals for him or her to eat.

A monthly menu will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month.

NOTE: Lunch is NOT included with the half-day programs.