I strive to provide a healthy, safe and clean environment. But even with the best efforts, young children will still get sick from time to time. To help keep all of the children in my care as healthy as possible, you must keep your child home if they are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  • Temperature of 101 or more in the ear*

  • Non-clear or excessively runny nose*

  • Vomiting or diarrhea

  • Constant coughing*, sneezing or wheezing

  • Anything contagious or easily transferable (rashes, chicken pox, lice, pink eye, etc)

  • Any behavior not typical of your child that may indicate impending illness

  • Any condition that requires more care than I can provide

There are NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR MAKE-UP DAYS given if your child is sick. 

All Immunizations must be up-to-date. No child will be enrolled or allowed to attend without their original yellow card filled out by their doctor, or a Kaiser print out. Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, any child who has been exposed to the virus, must get an "all clear" note from their doctor before attending.

* This symptom can be attributed to severe teething but will still require your child to stay home